Estijos krepšinio asociacija skelbia konkursą vyrų rinktinės vyriausiojo trenerio pareigoms užimti

2019-08-04 16:08

Estijos krepšinio asociacija skelbia konkursą, Estijos vyrų krepšinio rinktinės vyriausiojo trenerio pareigoms užimti.

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Jaak Salumets, President of the Estonian Basketball Association, +372 51 18 390,

Keio Kuhi, General Secretary of the Estonian Basketball Association, +372 52 49 405,

Competition to fill the position of the head coach of the men’s national team

The Estonian men’s national basketball team has recently completed the process of changing of generations and has reached the next level in its development phase. A record number of national team players have found opportunities for themselves outside of Estonia and the majority of the national team players playing in Estonia are taking part in the high-level VTB United League.

In December 2018, the General Assembly of the Estonian Basketball Association approved the development plan and strategy for basketball for the period 2019-2030 based on the proposal of the Management Board. All stakeholders involved with basketball took part in the drawing up of the extensive strategy and development plan, primarily the clubs, coaches, and the Secretariat and Management Board of the Estonian Basketball Association. The following goals were set in the Basketball 2030 strategy for the national team:

  • The men’s national team will take part in the European Championship final tournament in 2021 (24)
  • In 2025, a spot in the top 8 is achieved at the European Championship, with qualification for the World Championship of 2027 the next target (32)
  • Estonia is a serious candidate for a spot in the 2028 Olympic final tournament (12)

Based on these goals, the Estonian Basketball Association announces a public competition to fill the position of the head coach of the men’s national team.

Expectations for the head coach of the men’s national team

The duties

  • The suitable candidate is familiar with the Basketball 2030 development plan of Estonian basketball and will contribute to implementation and fulfilling of the development plan.
  • Drawing up the programme (action plan) for the national team based on the budget of the Estonian Basketball Association up to the end of the 2021 European Championship cycle and the development plan (vision for the future) based on the goals set for the European Championship of 2025.
  • Cooperate closely with the Director of Sports of the Estonian Basketball Association.
  • Cooperate consistently (e.g. visiting the training sessions, analysis of the training methods and providing tips, etc.) with the coaches of the youth teams and the Audentes Sports Gymnasium with an aim to draw up and systematically update the list of potential candidates for the senior team, as well as the training programmes.
  • Putting together and submitting to the Director of Sports and the Management Board of the Estonian Basketball Association for approval the team of assistant coaches and support personal of the national team.
  • Constantly monitoring the players included in the list of candidates for the national team, their clubs and/or schools, as well as the coaches and agents of the players.
  • Regularly keeping in touch with Estonian as well as international basketball organisations where candidates of the national team play.
  • The suitable candidate will be able to create a positive and success-oriented working environment in which all members of the team (the players, supporting personnel, other members) are valued and can realise their professional abilities to the maximum extent.
  • Must be able to create and implement training programmes, as well as the concept for the tactics of the team which support the ability of the national team to perform well at international competitions.
  • Preparedness to travel in and outside of Estonia and preparedness to work in weekends.
  • Assisting the Director of Sports in preparing and conducting the meetings of the panel of coaches.
  • Accessible by the media in connection with the work of the national team, as well as preparedness to explain the sports-related and strategic goals of the Estonian Basketball Association in other periods.
  • Observing the Code of Ethics of the Estonian Basketball Association and the generally acknowledged rules and good practice of fair sportsmanship and sporting activities.


  • Achieving of the goals of the national team, taking into consideration the above-mentioned expectations
  • Putting together the supporting personnel of the national team as well as the team

The required personality traits

  • Constant wish to develop
  • Open, honest, and ethical
  • Loyal to basketball and dedicated to performance from own perspective as well as with respect to others
  • Good communication skills and high stress tolerance

In order to take part in the competition, please e-mail tour CV and motivational letter, as well as the vision of how to achieve the goals to or send them to the Estonian Basketball Association at Paldiski mnt 104B, 13522 Tallinn by 13 August 2019 (including).